Lights, Camera, Action

On digital media platforms, I am drawn to video content like a moth to a flame. If a video appears for an offering that is visually intriguing or correlates with my interests, I will be engaged. During my decision-making process, video content will often determine the offering I purchase. If a company provides information based videos… Continue reading Lights, Camera, Action

Location, Location, Location

Beacons, geo-fences and geo-location are some of the latest fascinations for digital marketers within the retail industry and are linked to location-based marketing.  Simply defined, location-based marketing is when an organisation receives real-time data from a consumer through their GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth or RFID technology. Geo-location technology is opening doors for retail (literally!) providing richer data insights and more opportunity… Continue reading Location, Location, Location

Programmatic Marketing-Preferable or Problematic?

Programmatic marketing is relatively new to the World Wide Web and in a brief time it has become one of the most popular modes of digital display advertising. In 2017 programmatic advertising will grow 31% and its growth will be higher than any other form. By 2019 its predicted to compose over 50% of digital advertising.… Continue reading Programmatic Marketing-Preferable or Problematic?

Emojis are the 🔑 to consumer satisfaction

Who doesn't love an emoji? They're an amusing and accurate form of expression, they are quicker than typing text and are less likely to be misinterpreted. Emojis have become a universal digital language, with now over 6 billion being transmitted by mobile each day. To many, emojis are just an emotive symbol- but what if, for digital marketers… Continue reading Emojis are the 🔑 to consumer satisfaction

M-Commerce-converting cart into cash

Almost everywhere we go, our mobile devices come with us. Mobile phones are the most portable of all internet connected devices and, in a few taps we can access any website or app we choose. Presently, over 80% of internet users own a smartphone and the time spent on our mobile device surpasses desktop usage. Despite… Continue reading M-Commerce-converting cart into cash

Chatbots are not so hot

In recent months, Facebook introduced AI bots onto their Messenger App. You may have come across the 'bots' menu while using search in Messenger. Facebook designed their chatbots to enhance B2C engagement and enable consumers to receive live updates on events and news. Yet, chatbots are not impressing or of value to users, in fact they're… Continue reading Chatbots are not so hot

Hey Siri…Goodbye SEO?

The utilisation of voice search technology or 'virtual assistants' has grown exponentially in recent years. Google stated that over 20% of all enquiries are voiced, and over 55% of millennials and 41% of adults use voice search everyday. -This graph from Google illustrates just how prevalent voice search is becoming- What is the reason for… Continue reading Hey Siri…Goodbye SEO?

The End of Pop-Ups

Let's imagine you have just entered a new website. You commence reading and then, out of nowhere a pop-up appears, covering the website's content and interrupting your user experience. Just the thought of it is enough to make your blood boil. Pop-up's will capture a consumer's attention, but they also can temporarily prohibit access and engagement… Continue reading The End of Pop-Ups

I spy with my digital eye

As consumers we are exposed to mass amounts of stimuli on a daily basis, particularly on digital media platforms. We find ourselves scrolling endlessly through a sea of pixels and characters and often, most of the content we observe amalgamates into a technological blur. On social media, businesses strive to capture our attention- but this… Continue reading I spy with my digital eye