Lights, Camera, Action

output_nBvW4VOn digital media platforms, I am drawn to video content like a moth to a flame. If a video appears for an offering that is visually intriguing or correlates with my interests, I will be engaged.

During my decision-making process, video content will often determine the offering I purchase. If a company provides information based videos e.g. ‘how to’ or ‘behind the scenes’– you’ve just secured yourself a new customer (me!). And I’m not alone, 90% of consumers rely on video to make their purchase decision. What is more? 25% of consumers will lose interest if you do not provide video content to support your offerings.

In 2017, video marketing is predicted to take over online with more than 74% of video representing all web traffic. With 96% of B2C companies intending to produce video content this year and 52% of marketers claiming that video generates the highest ROI, it’s time to get filming or risk your company being on the cutting room floor. Video is vital.

video marketing (successfully) is an art and with more organisations implementing video marketing, how do you stay ahead of the game? 

  • High quality- It’s about quality not quantity. For higher engagement, visual content must be professional, polished and High Definition. Remember, a video should reflect your brand image.
  • Sound- 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound. A video’s message should be unambiguous and doesn’t require sound for interpretation.
  • Strategise- Don’t go out on a whim, plan your video content.
  • Call To Action- Prompt viewers to share, comment or subscribe- strive for continuous engagement.
  • Variation Video marketing isn’t only online ‘commercials’, offer informational videos and don’t be afraid of producing longer videos, the more informative content the better.

Do you find videos more engaging? Have videos ever influenced your purchase decision?  What is an effective/ineffective online video you’ve seen, why?  

I love video, who’s with me?


6 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action”

  1. I’m 100% with you! My news feed is just filled with videos from brands to just funny user-generated content. And even though I don’t click the video to watch it with sound, I still find myself stopping mid feed browsing to watch the whole thing (so when the video is finished I can just keep scrolling through without having to strain my thumb to press back, first world problems). Also once I’ve finished watching a video, more than 80% of the time I find myself tagging someone for them to see it too – and vice versa for things I don’t see on my feed but my friends tag me in something that was in theres. I definitely find this only for Facebook though, when I see videos on Instagram I don’t even bother watching them because I can’t be bothered waiting for it to load! So I think time is a huge factor that marketers should also consider along with the points you’ve mentioned. Cool post!

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    1. Hey Aliyah. Welcome to the video marketing fan club!
      Definitely! I think if marketers are having their content shared, this is a significant indication that their content is meaningful, memorable and entertaining. The loading speed for video content on Instagram is exceptionally problematic for marketing based content. That’s why it is essential that organisations ensure their video content is optimised on different digital media platforms. I think digital marketers have become aware of this issue and have started opting for the album function as an alternative in native adverts (which is a relatively new feature that allows you to swipe across to view multiple photos at once, it’s pretty cool!). Once internet speed improves in the coming years I believe we will begin to observe more video content appear on Instagram. Thank you for the comment!

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  2. I definitely find videos so much more attractive to promote a brand! I feel like consumers can better recall videos because of the visuals, music and message whether it is serious or funny! For instance, the last Heineken ad “Worlds apart” showing discussions between people with different opinions is still there in my mind. Also, I agree that videos are more shareable than static images or articles, which increases the brand’s message awareness and popularity. But not all videos are successful. An important part is to trigger the audience’s emotions while watching it!


    1. Hi Lauren, lovely to hear from you!

      You’re right! Video is a superior medium for prompting brand recall. In fact, Hubspot revealed that 80% of consumers are able to recall a video 30 days after viewing, indicating just how powerful video can be! Here are some really fascinating facts about the potency of video based content-
      Absolutely, a video’s objective can be unfulfilled if not executed properly. The factors mentioned in my post are just some of the many significant considerations, there are more means that can be adhered to to craft an effective video campaign. That’s why it’s crucial for digital marketers to feel proficient in the creation of video content for marketing purposes. I agree, provoking empathy and emotion can be very effective. Can you think of a video advertisement you’ve viewed online that was successful in triggering your emotion, did this impact how you engaged with the brand or offering? Thanks Lauren.


  3. Great post!
    For me, I find that it also depends on the length of the video. If its more that one and a half minutes, i probably wont watch more than that. I usually will lose interest, unless it’s very engaging.
    But I definitely agree that it needs to be professional, if I’m watching the video and it feels like a kid in year 12 couldve done the video, then I’ll usually keep scrolling.
    But at the end of the day I’d rather watch a video, with visuals and sound, then reading a description or looking at a print ad of a product. 🙂

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    1. Hi Shelley! Short and sweet can be really effective, but if i’m engaging in a high involvement search the more video content the better! Absolutely, it needs to be gripping within the first few seconds, otherwise like yourself, I will keep scrolling through my news feed.
      So glad you are in favour of video marketing too. Thank you for the comment!


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