Location, Location, Location

output_6ESDggBeacons, geo-fences and geo-location are some of the latest fascinations for digital marketers within the retail industry and are linked to location-based marketing. 

Simply defined, location-based marketing is when an organisation receives real-time data from a consumer through their GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth or RFID technology.

Geo-location technology is opening doors for retail (literally!) providing richer data insights and more opportunity to improve customer engagement. Geo-fences and beacons register when a consumer is in the vicinity of a brick and mortar store, triggering the display of local advertisements, offering inducement and optimising consumer experience within a store.

Are they effective? Yes! Whole Foods employed geo-fences to display local adverts to nearby consumers which created a post-click conversion three times higher than the national average.

A graphic of a Geo-fence

There are mutual benefits for consumers and retail organisations- 

Yet, there is one element that could undermine the success of location- based marketing, that is, “the creep factor”. Consumers are fearful of privacy invasion or potential bombardment. Consequently, Skyhook Wireless revealed at one point 40% of smartphones users GPS setting was inactive.

How can this be resolved? 

=Ultimately, establish trust. 

Would you be willing to provide a brand with your geo-location, if not, why? As a consumer have you experienced location-based marketing from an organisation, was it effective? 

Let’s discuss!

2 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location”

  1. Interesting points! I’ll admit I’m one of those 40% who keep their location turned off 24/7 (apart from when I need to do some quick google mapping, even then sometimes I prefer to find my location myself!). However, if there were a business that I trusted enough, I could be open to geo-location marketing (incentive-wise, at least). The location based advertisement does not appeal to me much.

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    1. Hi Maggie! It is lovely to receive a comment from you. Yes, you’re not alone, there is definitely something unnerving about businesses knowing our precise location and buying habits. I think if retail companies were able to effectively illustrate the benefits for consumers, there would be an increase in confidence to share our information. Oh fascinating, why does location-based advertising not appeal to you, is it that it would be too creepy? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks Maggie!


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