No CX= No Customers

output_odAwPeDigitisation has enabled consumers to be more empowered than ever and consequently, demands have increased and expectations for superior customer experience are higher.

The truth is, if an organisation doesn’t put their consumers first, they won’t put the organisation first either.

This means if it is between you and your competitor (who happens to have better CX)- the consumer is almost guaranteed to select your competitor.

Do you want competitive advantage? Make customer experience (CX) paramount.

Organisations (71%) are recognising the cruciality of optimised CX and it has been demonstrated that companies where customer experience takes precedence are performing the best.

Yet, despite companies acknowledging the significance of CX, they are still failing to offer the best CX for online customers.

Dimension Data¬†recently¬†interviewed¬†1,351 organisations about their CX, here’s what they discovered-

This brings into question-what will assist organisations to improve their CX (on a primary level)?Data-Analyst =Data, Data, Data 

Can you recall a time where you experienced poor CX online, what was it that made it unfavourable? Or have you ever experienced great CX online, why was it positive?

Please share you experiences and thoughts below. 


2 thoughts on “No CX= No Customers”

  1. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a grandma when it comes to online transactions, ever fearful of something going wrong. But I have come across a few websites that make these things easily navagtional, simple and safe. A lot of sites try to make themselves artistic and minimalistic in their design, and while high quality design tends to inspire trust, you should remember to make things easy to find and easy to understand. Not everyone is particularly tech-savvy!

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    1. Hi Maggie! Not at all, technology is in a constant state of flux, it can be tricky for consumers to keep up with its evolution. Yes! It is imperative that digital marketers involved in the creation of a website ensure it is streamlined at every touchpoint. There’s nothing worse than utilising a website that is cluttered, has multiple errors, loads slowly and makes you feel unsafe when supplying your personal details. You’re right, at its foundation it should be completely compatible for use and then all the artistic flourishes should be worked around that, to make the website pop and correlative to a brand’s image. Thank you for a great comment.


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