M-Commerce-converting cart into cash

output_P4Unh4Almost everywhere we go, our mobile devices come with us. Mobile phones are the most portable of all internet connected devices and, in a few taps we can access any website or app we choose. Presently, over 80% of internet users own a smartphone and the time spent on our mobile device surpasses desktop usage.

Despite substantial consumer engagement with mobile devices, only 15% of retail pursuits on mobile convert into sales as 85% of sales still occur on desktop.

Why is there a large difference between mobile and desktop retail conversion?

Many organisations are yet to streamline their website and because it is often incompatible with mobile this contributes to a negative user experience.


These factors below create an undesirable interaction for consumers-

  • Screen size- Small screens are harder for consumers to navigate, prompting dissatisfaction because of inefficiency.
  • Poor optimisation-  An organisation’s desktop website should not be the same as the one on mobile as this greatly minimises functionality.
  • Perceived lack of securityConsumers are concerned for the security of their data on mobile, increasing their hesitancy to purchase.
  • Speed- Mobile users want immediacy, so a slow website can cause them to give up on a purchase.

Due to the proliferation of mobile, it is essential for digital marketers to think mobile first. 

Currently, mobile is mainly utilised as a research tool for retail, so there is a need for digital marketers to strategize how to motivate consumers to progress from their online  shopping cart to a finalised order.

Ultimately, if digital marketers devise their mobile UX to overcome the flaws listed above, I believe this will convert traffic into sales.

How often do you purchase a retail product on your mobile device, what prohibits you? Do you think if retail organisations optimise for mobile this will increment profit?

Please comment below-


5 thoughts on “M-Commerce-converting cart into cash”

  1. Definitely agree with your article! When I look back at my online purchases, I rarely buy something using my mobile phone. I use my smartphone for a quick search on Google, but for anything that takes longer such as signing up, entering card details I would rather use my laptop. I definitely think that if Mobile pages are optimised and made to be used quicker, people will start using it more to purchase (Example: Uber is so easy to use: simply enter the address and confirm your driver. On the other hand, when booking an Airbnb I need more time to research, look at comments, thus I prefer to use the website instead of the app).

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    1. Hi there!
      Yes, absolutely. With a purchase that I consider to be a high involvement decision, I too would prefer to use my laptop. It is more reassuring being able to follow the entire purchase process in a visible way, without the obstruction created by a smaller screen.

      Thank you for the comment.

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  2. Most of the time I prefer to online shop on my laptop, just because I prefer being able to look at more products as well have a better overall experience because I feel like it just takes too long to load so many products on my phone. Also, when it comes to the buying stage I feel like I would probably only be buying something on my phone if I don’t have access to my own laptop (i.e. I’m not at home), which then makes me not want to shop online even more because I hate the thought of just pulling out my card in public to type all the numbers and such.

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    1. Hi Aliyah,
      It’s lovely to receive a comment from you!

      Yes, I completely agree. Using a mobile device during the decision making process can be a hassle. Digital marketers still have a long way to go to create ease and comfort for consumers employing their mobile to complete a purchase. Exactly, when a purchase is time-sensitive and we don’t have a desktop device available, we are more likely to utilise our phones- but always as a last resort.

      Thank you.

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