Chatbots are not so hot

output_vrLQJuIn recent months, Facebook introduced AI bots onto their Messenger App. You may have come across the ‘bots’ menu while using search in Messenger. Facebook designed their chatbots to enhance B2C engagement and enable consumers to receive live updates on events and news.

Yet, chatbots are not impressing or of value to users, in fact they’re leaving them very dissatisfied, while simultaneously damaging an organisation’s image through their inability to provide customer value.

This artificial intelligence requires a lot of refinement. Simply, it doesn’t perform as expected.

As a result, Facebook has reduced their efforts towards the chatbots and companies are reluctant to jump on the chatbot bandwagon.


However, Josh Constine from TechCrunch recently revealed that Facebook is planning to introduce chatbots for group conversations. Thus far it has been revealed that Messenger’s group chatbots will-

It is not yet known how Facebook intends for group chatbots to function- it will be interesting to observe whether they can satisfy all members in a group thread and, ultimately become a superior way for organisations to fulfil consumers needs and wants on a digital media platform.

How do you feel about chatbots? Do you think group Messenger chatbots will either improve or be problematic for digital B2C interaction, why? 

Let’s have a chat(bot)…


2 thoughts on “Chatbots are not so hot”

  1. I dont really understand the need for chatbots? Most people that would speak on the online chat of companies, are people that have enquiries/questions/complaints…. therefore wouldnt you want that person to speak to an actual human being?
    If i was considering using a certain business and had some questions, but was answered by a robot, I’d feel pretty pissed off that the company is not taking to the time to answer my questions…….
    maybe I dont really understand what the chatbots do, but at the end of the day, whats wrong with people?

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  2. Hi Shelley,

    I also prefer a human interaction online if I have a customer query. But, chat bots are considered to be the future of customer service- they’re immediate, available for communication 24/7 and they’re more cost effective compared to call centres.
    Blake Morgan for Forbes wrote “Most customers would rather get a quick recommendation and purchase an item on their mobile phone instead of sifting through online reviews and trying to buy products in person or by calling a representative”. Indicating, a strong consumer demand for efficiency.
    You can check out this article if you’re interested- (

    I understand that having a robot respond to you could be frustrating and perhaps reflect negatively on an organisation’s customer service, but I imagine this would depend on the type of inquiry you have too.

    I think as long as this AI can provide an accurate response, consistently, that’s when I will consider them more beneficial than talking to a customer service representative. But, for now like yourself, I am hesitant to rely on them for assistance.


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