I spy with my digital eye


As consumers we are exposed to mass amounts of stimuli on a daily basis, particularly on digital media platforms. We find ourselves scrolling endlessly through a sea of pixels and characters and often, most of the content we observe amalgamates into a technological blur.

On social media, businesses strive to capture our attention- but this objective is preliminary and, transitory in effect. Instead, the key is to maximise our engagement.

So, the question becomes- what medium on social media is going to convert our attention into sustained engagement?

The answer: visual content

After all, 65% of us are visual learners.

Nowadays, text is typical and static. The allure of an image dominants every time-

Although a picture will grab our attention, it doesn’t guarantee a high level of engagement or impact.

Social Status CEO Tim Hill, revealed that brands with optimal performance on social media were using cinemagraphs, GIF’S and 360° technology- there is magic in movement.


Cinemagraphs augment our level of engagement because our eye is stimulated to investigate the image for its minor movements. This technology is transforming the digital marketing landscape, the results from the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 campaign reveal why-



The same goes for GIF’s, as our interest is sparked by the mobility and narrative contained in the graphic.


360° visuals work to similar effect, but take it a step further as we can become completely immersed through our ability to interact and control its movement.

Let’s start a conversation on cinemagraphs, GIF’S  and 360°.

Do you consider them effective for social media marketing, why?

I would love to know about your experiences when you have encountered these technologies on social media.


5 thoughts on “I spy with my digital eye”

  1. I havent seen 360 degrees used as a form of marketing yet, but i think it would be really cool.
    its an interactive way for consumers to interact with the brand, and its something different.
    I think as long as used correctly, and with caution it could be really successful.

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  2. Hi Spacebarr!
    I agree, 360° is still quite novel (which works in its favour for sustaining engagement).

    I believe we will begin to see it appear more as a marketing device in the near future.
    It’s even begun to make an appearance on Snapchat as a form of marketing and was highly successful- achieving not only higher engagement levels, but greater click-through rates.

    Be sure to check out this recent article about 360° technology being utilised on Snapchat for the new ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ film and to see just how powerful it can be for attracting consumers-


    Thank you for the comment. I look forward to reading your next blog post!


  3. Applications such as GIFs can provide more to the table than a static picture, with the possibility of even adding humor when conveying a message online netizens. These applications most definitely captures the attention of readers, but I feel that they must be used in a way that captures readers’ attentions in less than 5s and should not be used in a way that clogs up the user’s feed.

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  4. Hi jmbat7,

    Interesting post! I never really thought about the advent of visual media but when I think about it there quite a few trends in that area. Another example would be: Live photos. They are basically photos but with the addition of a couple of seconds of video before and after the photo is being taken. This new format, came with the iPhone 6s in 2015, shall better capture memories of the moment the photo was taken.

    Another striking point is that GIF’s are basically enjoying a renaissance right now. After their introduction in the 80s, they are only now becoming widely popular and the standard format for humorous content.

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    1. Hi Paul, lovely to hear from you! How fascinating, I have not yet encountered live photos used by digital marketers, but with the increasing popularity of moving marketing imagery online I would not be surprised if they begin to make an appearance. I think the key with live photos is ensuring that consumers are aware they need to hold down the image for it to move, or it could even be an option for it to move automatically! Yet, I consider the interaction with live photos to prompt movement important for engagement.
      GIF’s have been floating around the internet for many years now, but I for one am a supporter of their utilisation as marketing content. Thank you for your comment.


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